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Request for Proposals: Nunacor Mary’s Harbour Building Roof Upgrades

RFP: Nunacor Mary’s Harbour Building Roof Upgrades

July 7, 2023

RFP#: 20230706-RFP-Nunacor MH Building Roof Upgrades

The Nunacor Development Corporation is accepting proposals from the private sector to complete the work for Nunacor Mary’s Harbour Building Roof Upgrades located at 32-34 Lodge Bay Rd, Mary’s Harbour, NL. The successful contractor will be responsible for all tools, materials, equipment, and labour related to the completion of the project as outlined in this RFP and Scope of Work.

Building access and inspection, if required, can be arranged during the hours of 8:00 am – 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm, Monday to Friday except for statutory holidays. The successful contractor will work with Nunacor’s management team to review the project schedule and work plan prior to the commencement of the project. Work must be completed by 31-August-2023.

If interested, please submit a detailed work proposal, and complete the short application attached in Appendix A. RFP’s can be submitted by email to [email protected]. Submissions must be received by 21-July-2023. All proposals will be reviewed by Nunacor with the successful contractor being notified by 28-July-2023, with project work to start shortly thereafter.

The following items will be required with your submission:
• Detailed work proposal satisfying Nunacor’s scope of work.
• Completed Application as noted in Appendix A.
• Provide two (2) client references for metal roof installation.

• The contractor will be required to provide a Certificate of Insurance upon accepting the contract.
• The contractor will be required to provide a Letter in Good Standing with Workplace NL.
• Preference may be given to contractors registered with the NunatuKavut Business Registry.
• The successful contractor will be required to participate in a project kickoff and project completion meeting.

PROJECT: (Photos available in Appendix B)
Nunacor’s Mary’s Harbour building requires various roof and attic renovations to preserve the structure. These include:
• Remove existing asphalt shingles, nails, and any underlayment installed on existing roof decking.
• Remove and replace fascia board and install metal fascia covering.
• Remove existing soffit board and replace with breathable soffit paneling (vinyl soffit or equivalent).
• Install full-length eavestrough and connecting downspouts along full length of eastern and western leading edges of roof.
• Inspect roof decking and roof truss for any damage, distortion, and/or deterioration. Repair and replace where necessary.
• Accounting for soffit paneling upgrade and the need to remove existing attic ventilation stacks protruding through roof, assess the attic for proper ventilation and propose additional measures, if any, to ensure proper ventilation.
• Remove existing attic ventilation stacks (2 each) protruding from the roof and cover roof penetration with new roof decking section to eliminate penetration.
• Install standing-seam metal roofing complete with underlayment, water & ice barrier, trim, and fasteners.
• Supply a metal roof patch panel for the eventual covering of the existing side-mount chimney penetration through roof.

• Metal roof to be finished black in colour.
• Existing roof pitch estimate: 3-1/2 / 12
• Roofing area estimate: 1,143 ft2
• Standing-seam metal roofing to be compatible with S-5 solar panel mounting clamp types specified as per details found on the website.

• Metal roof manufacturer/supplier confirmation that metal roof materials and installation plan conform to National Building Code Standards compliant with snow and wind design loads for Mary’s Harbour, Labrador region.
• A copy of the manufacturer/supplier metal roofing installation plan to be supplied to Nunacor 14 days prior to commencing roofing work.
• Permanent building materials and equipment must be new/unused, unless approved otherwise by Nunacor management.
• Contractor to provide details of metal roof warranty, including warranty period in their proposal.
• Contractor to provide force account rates and bid exclusions in their proposal.
• Contractor to provide payment terms for contract in their proposal.
• Contractor responsible for all temporary power and temporary works required to execute the work safely, efficiently, and to a high-quality standard.
• Contractor responsible for protection of building occupants and visitors from work hazards throughout the duration of the project.
• Contractor responsible for disposal for clean-up and removal of all demolition and waste materials from the site regularly, and before project completion. All materials to be disposed of safely as per the Town of Mary’s Harbour garbage disposal standards.

Nunacor reserves the right to accept and/or reject any and/or all proposals as may be deemed necessary.

If you have any questions or wish to apply, please contact Neil Heffern at [email protected] or (709) 571-4297.

Please click the link below to access Appendices:

Nunacor Mary’s Harbour Building Roof Upgrades RFP – Appendix A Application

Nunacor Mary’s Harbour Building Roof Upgrades RFP -Appendix B