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Nunacor Launches Environmental Sustainability Initiative

SEPTEMBER 25, 2018, HAPPY VALLEY-GOOSE BAY, LABRADOR – Today Nunacor announced that it has launched a new environmental sustainability initiative, the Makik Sustainability Initiative,  across its group of companies.

As a community-owned Indigenous company, Nunacor’s goal is to incorporate the values and principles of sustainable development to reflect its deep respect for the environment in which it operates, including the land, sea and ice. Nunacor recognizes its responsibility to respect the environment and is committed to achieve environmental best practices throughout its business operations.

Nunacor is pleased to launch its Makik Sustainability Initiative whereby it strives to reduce its environmental impact and promote sustainability, while also encouraging education and personal health and wellness. Makik is the Inuttitut word meaning “to rise, to stand up” – Nunacor and its staff rise to the challenge to protect the environment and stand up as a leader for the well-being of its people.

Nunacor pledges to:

  • Reduce waste and increase recycling.
  • Conserve energy and water use.
  • Choose nature-friendly products.
  • Support local products and services.
  • Share our environmental expectations with our suppliers, partners, contractors and customers and encourage them to adopt sound environmental and sustainable practices, such as reducing the amount of packaging and consolidating deliveries.
  • Ensure sustainability forms a fundamental part of our strategic plan.
  • Incorporate environmental and sustainability awareness as part of our staff training and ensure everyone is involved with its implementation.
  • Build a sustainability team – Team Makik, whose primary focus is to develop and enhance our sustainability initiative and practices in line with our policy guidelines.
  • Promote and encourage health and well-being among all staff.
  • Comply with relevant environmental legislation and take a proactive approach to future requirements and obligations.
    Promote sustainability as a concept in daily operations.
  • Support and promote community sustainability focused initiatives.
  • Monitor and review our environmental performance on an ongoing basis with a focus on continuous improvement.

Nunacor believes delivering on its Sustainability Policy strengthens its performance and sets it up as an industry and community leader. The policy is reviewed annually by a committee led by its Energy and Innovation Specialist.




“ As the business development arm of the NunatuKavut Community Council, we are pleased to launch our Makik Sustainability Initiative which is very much in line with our values as an Indigenous people. Protecting the lands and waters that surround us and have sustained us is of fundamental importance and we are delighted to be taking this first leap and standing up to our corporate social responsibility.”

— Andy Turnbull, CEO, Nunacor


 “I am proud to be part of this pioneer initiative and excited to see the positive impact we will create together. Some of the activities include composting, growing vegetables in our in-house gardens, reducing water usage, reducing energy usage and a significant reduction in single use plastics.”

— Niamh Roche, Energy & Innovation Specialist, Nunacor


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• For information on Nunacor’s Sustainability Initiative, please visit Please also join in the conversation at and Twitter @nunacor.


Media Contacts:
Andy Turnbull
CEO, Nunacor
Telephone: (709) 899-3205
[email protected]

Niamh Roche
Energy & Innovation Specialist, Nunacor
Telephone: (709) 899-7932
[email protected]