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NunatuKavut Energy

Renewable Energy Development in NunatuKavut territory in Labrador

NunatuKavut Energy is actively pursuing renewable energy opportunities throughout NunatuKavut territory in Labrador. We continue seeking partnerships and relationships that will help us harness our abundant natural resources and achieve our goal of a sustainable, clean future for Labrador.

Partnership Opportunities

We are a team of enthusiastic professionals who are keen to establish mutually beneficial partnerships for the betterment of a stronger, more sustainable Labrador. We are currently completing a commercial sustainable energy plan and welcome the opportunity to discuss partnership opportunities.

Have a specific project or development opportunity in mind? We’d love to have a conversation about working together to grow your revenue in Labrador and beyond.

Please contact
Neil Heffern, Commercial Energy Manager,
Phone: 709.571.4297

Project Announcements and Updates

Stay tuned for news, project announcements, and other important updates from NunatuKavut Energy.