Snow Crab & Shrimp Harvesting



Crab & Shrimp Harvesting

Our Road Towards Employment & Sustainability

Our shrimp and snow crab harvesting operation are being used to fuel economic growth and produce long-term, sustainable employment for NunatuKavut fisherpersons.

Before the cod moratorium in 1992, the majority of the fishing that took place in Newfoundland & Labrador was part of the groundfishery. After the moratorium, however, the industry began to shift its focus to the shellfishery.

This new fishery became concerned with snow crab and shrimp and, within a single decade, profits grew rapidly. However, despite rising revenues, the volume of landings were actually decreasing. This trend meant that fewer people were being employed as fisherpersons, as crew on their boats, and as labourers in processing plants. We recognized this shift and began to take steps to find ways to help NunatuKavut members maintain employment in the industry.

The goal of NDC Fisheries Limited, therefore, is to produce a conservation-orientated, financially-stable, and viable commercial fishing operation with the potential for sustainability and long-term growth. We also strive to complete these harvests at the best time in terms of availability, price, and quality in order to maximize the benefits for our corporation and NunatuKavut’s fisherpersons.

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