Growing Our Business



Growing Our Business

Planning For Our Future

NDC Fisheries Limited has a long-term goal of expanding our enterprise in order to produce increased employment opportunities and a sustainable commercial fishery.

We’ve been incredibly pleased with the progress that we’ve made at NDC Fisheries Limited. In 2005, we secured initial funding from the Department of Fisheries & Oceans (DFO) under the Allocation Transfer Program of the Aboriginal Fishing Strategy (AFS) and have since been expanding our operation.

With that funding, we were able to secure gear, a vessels and our first license. We have continued to grow every year and we now maintain 10 snow crab quotas and 2 shrimp quotas and ensure that all of our harvests are landed in Labrador. Additionally, NDC Fisheries Limited requires that the majority of the hired crew are NunatuKavut members. These practices ensure that, as NDC Fisheries grows, so too do the benefits for NunatuKavut members and fisherpersons.

We continue to seek expansion opportunities through the acquisition of additional quotas. If you are considering selling your quota off the coast of Labrador, please contact our office to discuss this opportunity.

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