NDC Fisheries Limited

Helping to Manage Our Resources

NDC Fisheries Limited is a wholly-owned entity of Nunacor. This company was established to develop fisheries opportunities for the NunatuKavut Community Council.

During the winter of 2005, NDC Fisheries Limited successfully secured funding from Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) under the Allocation Transfer Program (ATP) of the Aboriginal Fishing Strategy (AFS). This program has been established to enable aboriginal groups to build their capacities in the commercial fishery through the provision of vessels, gear, and licenses. NDC Fisheries Limited was able to leverage these monies to acquire its first license in 2005, and has been growing every year.

The company currently holds quotas for over 450,000 lbs of snow crab as well as shrimp quotas. NDC Fisheries Limited plans to continue expansion in the fishing industry. Since 2004, species harvested include shrimp, snow crab and seals, all of which have been landed in Labrador. NDC Fisheries Limited also requires that NunatuKavut members are hired as crew. Additionally, a significant portion of any profits are reinvested to fuel growth and greater long-term opportunities for employment in this industry.

Our Goal

The primary goal of NDC Fisheries Limited is to develop as a conservation-oriented, financially-stable, and viable commercial fishing operation with the potential for sustainability and long-term growth. A significant portion of any profits is to be reinvested to fuel growth and greater long-term opportunities for employment.

NDC Fisheries is currently seeking proposals to purchase new licenses. If you have any relevant information, we encourage you to contact us today.


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Our Objectives

Specific objectives to be achieved over the next five years include the following.

  1. To obtain maximum benefits from existing allocations, through ensuring that these allocations are fully harvested on an annual basis and, if possible, harvested at the best time in terms of availablity, quality, and price.
  2. To expand operations into new fishing and other opportunities in order to increase revenues and employment and optimize enterprise usage.
  3. To develop partnership opportunities, especially with other Aboriginal groups. These partnerships are vital to boosting Labrador's economy and will be an excellent way to build strong connections between Labrador's Aboriginal groups.

Crab & Shrimp Harvesting

Our shrimp and snow crab harvesting operation are being used to fuel economic growth and produce long-term, sustainable employment for NunatuKavut fisherpersons.

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Growing Our Business

NDC Fisheries Limited has a long-term goal of expanding our enterprise in order to produce increased employment opportunities and a sustainable commercial fishery.

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Quota Allocation Process

At NDC Fisheries, we are focused on generating sustainable employment and a sustainable shellfishery for all eligible NunatuKavut fisherpersons.

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Lottery Rotation Results 2023

Beginning in the 2019 harvesting season, NDC Fisheries Limited has established a new lottery rotation quota allocation process. This is a fair and transparent process to ensure quota is shared among NCC harvesters.

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