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Priority Health Counselling Inc.


Cortez Hancock
[email protected]


Priority Health Counselling is an online mental health counselling service offering video and telephone counselling sessions. It is Priority Health Counselling’s goal to provide barrier free, quality counselling services, with short wait times, to members of the community so they can receive timely support, and begin their journey of healing and recovery.
Through the use of the Priority Health Counselling website, clients can easily register and book their counselling session. Furthermore, they will have peace of mind knowing that the video platform employed​ ​meets the standards set by the federal Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act. This means that all documents and online interactions are encrypted, using approved local Canadian servers, and thus remain strictly confidential between counsellor and client. Priority Health Counselling offers counselling services for both individuals and couples. Issues that may be addressed during sessions include, but are not limited to, stress, anxiety,  depression, relational issues, youth centered topics, career guidance, and more. During counselling sessions our professional certified counsellor employs proven therapeutic practices such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy,  Acceptance Commitment Therapy, and/or Solution Focused Brief Therapy. Moreover, clients will experience a safe and non-judgmental environment where they know they are valued, heard, and supported. Throughout their counselling experience, clients will be equiped with positive coping skills that will enable them to manage and overcome their issues, so they can start leading healthier, happier lives.




Business Owners/Partners

Cortez Hancock (NunatuKavut Member)
Priority Health Counselling Inc.
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