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Inclusive Health and Fitness


Garreth Kippenhuck
[email protected]


Virtual and in-person personal training services and nutritional coaching. Specializing in Personal Training that is inclusive to everyone. Get trained by a CSEP-Clinical Exercise Physiologist, High-Performance Specialist, to improve a medical condition, general health, and/or athletic performance. Inclusive Health and Fitness offers corporate virtual personal training services to benefit employee health and productivity.

Virtual Personal Training which includes:

  • Fitness testing
  • The ability to work chronic health conditions, senior populations, children, pregnant women, athletes, and the general population
  • Weight-loss programming
  • Nutritional coaching

In-Person Personal Training which includes all of the services above and the following:

  • Private, semi-private, and group training at a private fitness facility in Mount Pearl, NL. This facility includes all of the necessary equipment for any gym-goer such as benches, dumbbells, squat racks, barbells, kettlebells, cable-pulley machines, a sled, and cardio equipment.



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Garreth Kippenhuck (NunatuKavut Member)
Inclusive Health and Fitness
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