NunatuKavut Entrepreneur Training (NET) Program



NunatuKavut Entrepreneur Training (NET) Program

Your Training Assistance Solution

The NET Program provides business owners with funding for the purposes of offsetting the costs associated with training programs.

The NunatuKavut Entrepreneur Training (NET) Program provides NunatuKavut Business owners/key staff financial assistance for training purposes. It allows participants to attend and complete skills training by alleviating program costs or travel expenses incurred.

This funding is available to qualified individuals on the recommendation of the Centre’s Business Advisor and exists to assist businesses in acquiring key training in order to effectively run their business. The funding shall not exceed $3500.00.


Applicants must be a member of NunatuKavut Community Council and is the owner or key staff of the business.Their training must be directly related to their business operations, and provide proof of training upon completion.

To apply, please contact us at 709.896.5722. .


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