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The NunatuKavut Business Centre wants to help you expand on your ideas, secure support and funding, and get your business to where it needs to be.

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Have you visited any other agencies or organizations (i.e. Business Development Bank of Canada, Labrador Community Development Centre, Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, and Aboriginal Business Canada)?

Confidentiality Agreement

As a professional organization, the NunatuKavut Business Centre (NBC) respects the privacy of its clients and their personal information. As such, any and all information provided to the Centre will be held in the strictest of confidence and will be released to no individual without the expressed consent of the client.

The NunatuKavut Business Centre guarantees that information provided by a client will be utilized only to determine how we can best meet the needs of that client. We are also required to obtain the NunatuKavut member number of any client seeking assistance from the Centre. As the NunatuKavut Business Centre services only clients having NunatuKavut membership, this information is used solely to determine eligibility.

It should also be understood that in the event an outside agency (such as ACOA, DITRD, ABC, etc.) need be contacted to best meet the client’s needs, personal information may be shared with said organization.

ARMS Consent to Release Information

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