What We Do



What We Do

A Commitment to Community & Collaboration

Nunacor's primary purpose is to develop business opportunities on behalf of NunatuKavut and generate sustainable dividends for reinvestment in our communities.

The Corporation falls into what can be considered the social economy. Social economy enterprises operate like businesses, producing goods and services for the market economy, but they manage their operations and redirect their surpluses in pursuit of social and community goals. In this instance, surpluses are redirected to the NunatuKavut Community Council who delivers programs and services to their membership.


Safety, quality, and value work together to make investing in our community possible. As the business development corporation of NunatuKavut, our profits are re-invested into the community through programs and services offered by NunatuKavut. Our aim is that the businesses we operate, along with our strategic partnerships, will help increase the business capacity in our communities by offering products, services, and employment.

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