In Business for NunatuKavut

Creating Opportunities For Our Membership

As the business arm of the NunatuKavut government, Nunacor's primary goal is to help cultivate and discover business opportunities in various industries for all of our members.

Nunacor Development Corporation was incorporated in 2003 by the Labrador Metis Nation (now NunatuKavut) to pursue economic and business opportunities for the NunatuKavut membership.

In 2010, the Labrador Metis Nation was renamed NunatuKavut Community Council and in accordance with this change, the Metis Development Corporation was also renamed in 2011 to Nunacor Development Corporation, trade name Nunacor.

Nunacor is governed by a board of directors who are appointed by NunatuKavut. Continual effort is placed on governance and strategic planning, while maintaining a deep respect for Southern Inuit traditions, elders, and NunatuKavut policies.

Safety, quality, and value work together to make investing in our community possible. As the business development corporation of NunatuKavut, our profits are re-invested into the community through programs and services offered by NunatuKavut. Our aim is that the businesses we operate, along with our strategic partnerships, will help increase the business capacity in our communities by offering products, services, and employment.

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